At Blindtex we want to make sure you are fully prepared, experienced and feel confident to run your own Blindtex franchise.

We offer 1 month installation training and 2 weeks sales training. This course will cover everything from using our online system to up-selling your blindtex products. We are aware training may vary dependant on your existing skills and so we are flexible during this period. You will receive ongoing support form Blindtex as you continue your journey, this may be on new products or managing a larger team of personnel. You will have an extended business model and expert advice at your beck and call.

We have the expertise and experience in window coverings

Blindtex believes that solid initial and on-going training are key to the growth of your Blindtex franchise. It starts with a minimum two-week comprehensive training session that includes:

  • Administration Training
  • Local Area Marketing
  • Product Knowledge
  • Measuring Training
  • Fitting Training
  • Once Application Training
  • Customer Service Training
  • Online System Training

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