Is Franchising Right For You?

Because business ownership is such a significant responsibility, requiring a serious commitment of time, energy and resources, it would be putting it lightly to say that it isn't for everyone. But entrepreneurship isn't impossible
For many, it's a welcome and rewarding challenge. Since you're considering buying a franchise, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about business ownership – and yourself – before you make the decision.

Taking on the responsibility of a business is a significant change from being an employee. It requires your commitment of time, energy and resources, and it's not for everyone! Being a franchisee and developing your inner entrepreneur is a welcoming and rewarding challenge that we are here to help you achieve! Here are some things you need to know before you make the decision.

Let's talk about you.

No two franchisees are the same. However, they do share some key characteristics. Assessing your current situation, goals, and assets is a great place to start.


A good business owner needs to be physically and mentally fit. Installing blinds & curtains may seem more straightforward than you think. However, it is a physically demanding job. You need to maintain your positive attitude throughout the day and work efficiently, keeping to time schedules. The early stages of starting your franchise may be incredibly demanding, requiring you to manage stress, stay calm and collected, and stay productive when pressure comes. 

Financially Apt

If you're good with money, this skill will generally overspill into your work life, making bookkeeping easier to maintain. We will assist by sharing with you all of our templates and walking you through the most successful procedure within our business. It is essential that you properly manage your funds to ensure you can cover the cost of your product, bills, employees if you choose to expand and that you have enough savings should you encounter a dry spell. 


Although you will need to make decisions independently, you do have access to ongoing support from the Blindtex team. You are essentially your own boss, and you will need to be resourceful and confident to navigate any situation that may come your way. 

Willing to learn

Whether you own a franchise or not, you must trust the process, wisdom and experience of your advisors and mentors. You may be taking this industry on with no prior knowledge or very little, so you'll need to be willing to learn and follow the system. The Blindtex brand standards and regulations are an integral part of the franchise model, set out to be that way for your success.


You must maintain personal and professional relationships to ensure you keep your returning customers, and essentially you get the job in the first place! You need to understand your customers' needs, make them feel welcome, and offer them a solution to their problem. Strong, social and capable leaders are precisely what great business owners are.