Answers to Your Blinds Franchise Questions

You may have some unanswered questions

We have created a guide to help you understand what to expect as you embark on your franchise journey. These are a few valuable tips about the early stages.

Start with some focused research.

Understand what a franchise is, and explore your options. Read and understand the requirements and the benefits that a successful franchise can offer you. Then, evaluate the potential growth, and discuss the fees which you have to pay.

What do you need to know?

If it sounds like a Blindtex franchise suits your skills, experience, budget and location, get in touch with us to iron out any other details or queries you may have. We understand a franchise investment is a big decision and commitment, and there is no such thing as too many questions. You need to evaluate a Blindtex franchise on two levels: how has it adapted in the current climate, and has it been successful throughout covid? Secondly, is it right for you?


Have you worked in the industry before?

Made to measure window blinds is a long standing lucrative market they will not fade away overtime. Made to measure is a more expensive option comparatively to ready made, however the finish and workmanship that goes into the product is second to none. Not only is selling window coverings a great business decision, it is also a lifelong skill that you will carry with you.

What does your future in this industry look like?

You're free to scale your business to any level you'd like. You can stay small or grow an empire—you call the shot
Who our competitors are in the industry, and how does the Blindtex product compare?
Blindtex is proud to produce quality product offering Lifetime warranty to all its customers. All products are manufactured to be 'safe by design to ensure we meet the UK stringent child safety guidelines.