A Day in the Life

Blindtex Franchise Opportunities Await!

The story starts in 1989 in a thriving UK market town, Bolton. From humble beginnings, Blindtex, formerly known as Bolton Blinds was established by Martin Cairns from a market stall. The entrepreneurial nature of the business meant that within the first few months of opening, they would be making their own vertical and roller blinds and soon opened a factory based in an old textile mill.

The stall sales continued to grow and grow, which presented the natural progression to open their first premises in Bolton town centre. With the growth of the shutter market and being early adopters of this fast-growing product, the UK's biggest window blind store was opened in Bolton. As the demand grew, they opened a second showroom in Manchester, allowing them to serve a wider market.

So, how did we end up manufacturing and distributing in UAE? As Martin and his wife Victoria, a managing director of the company, took a vacation to Dubai, they saw the potential demand for the product as construction in 2004 was booming. As they developed Blindtex in the UAE, the man and van model became ideal for the market. Blindtex soon became the leading retail supplier of Blinds, Curtains and Shutters in the region. As the demand was growing rapidly, they started to move manufacturing to Sharjah, around 30 minutes from central Dubai.

Despite the 2008-2010 recession the business continued to grow, showing the durability and strength of the business model. However, 5 years on, the factory in the UAE burned to ashes, leaving nothing but the shell the building was made from. Despite the total devastation, the directors' determination and willpower meant that distribution and manufacturing did not stop.